Tuesday, July 3, 2018

England win World Cup Final

Loads of signs point to England going to WC Final..
Firstly,  Theresa May=115
From the 1966 WC Final to the 2018 WC Final, is 51y 11m 15d.
Thats 511(=Saturn) and 115= (Theresa May).
Tonights winning penalty was scored by Eric Dier, his bday is 1/15!
If u remember, Theresa May bday to UK election was also 115 days!
Now, Columbia scored tonight in 93rd minute.
Saturn also=93
England coach bday is also, 9/3!
Tonights England goal was in 57th minute!!
Finally, from Theresa May's bday to 2018 WC Final is 79 days...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Steven Gerrard... Rangers FC new manager....bad news for Celtic?

Steven Gerrard has been announced as Rangers FC new manager. This is very interesting.  Its also bad news for bitter rival Celtic FC and their quest to "10 in a row".
Celtic have dominated Scottish football over the past decade or so. They have 7 league titles in a row.
Both Rangers and Celtic hold the record of 9 in a row.

Link to my blog about the history of Celtic/Rangers rivalry...

The interesting part here is that Gerrard used to play for Liverpool. The Celtic Manager, Brendan Rodgers used to manage Liverpool. Steven Gerrard was captain while Rodgers was Liverpool manager.
Liverpool almost won the Premier league in 2013.
As Liverpool were seemingly marching towards their first ever Premier League title, a major slip by Gerrard in the match against Chelsea cost Liverpool dearly. They lost the match and Chelsea win the title instead.


Will Steven Gerrard stop Brendan Rodgers from winning 10 in a row in Scotland?
Hes the perfect guy to do it, seeing as his slip stopped Rodgers winning at Liverpool.

Watch this space...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

NFL picks...

Had great week last week with my NFL picks...

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Celebrity "Death Watch"... Elton John??

Last night the Eagles beat the Cowboys, 37-9.
It looks like they will be in SB 52.
It made me think of all the celebrity deaths associated with teams who go to major championships...
Elton John would be one to watch..

There's been a lot of talk about JFK, Marilyn Monroe etc..
Elton wrote a song about Monroe, 
(Goodbye Norma Jean).

He also wrote Philadelphia Freedom.

Elton's birthday is 49 days after the SB.
(1m 21d) 121=Revelation. 
Philadelphia is mentioned in the revelation book of the Bible. 
Christmas Day is 41 days before SB. 

Remember George Michael died last Christmas??
George and Elton teamed up years ago with the song  "Don't let the sun go down on me" in December 1991.

Another date to watch, December 14th, (52 days before SB).

Saturday, November 18, 2017

SF President to announce he's stepping down

Gerry Adams is expected to announce he's stepping down as President of Sinn Fein today..
Today is the 322nd of the year.
It's also 322 days before Garry's birthday!!
It's also skull and bones day!
More proof that these guys are part of the gang!!
Wake up people!!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

EPL Prediction...

Looking at The English Premier League which starts this weekend.

Going with my 131 theory, Arsenal are in their 131st season, which was pointed out to me by 
<Van der Meikle>.

Also, I've mentioned this before but, Petr Cech is in his 3rd season with Arsenal now.
When he got traded from Chelsea, after 333 games for them. He switched his number from 1, to 33.
He also just turned 33 years old.
Why? Why did he do that??
Maybe he's gonna win a title in 3 years.

Also, Cech's bday is 83 days (Football=83) before the start of Arsenals season on August 11th. They start on Friday, rest of league starts Saturday and Sunday. 

I'm going with Arsenal.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jack Charlton... The first foreign coach of Irish soccer team..

Jack Charlton was the first foreign coach of the Republic of Ireland soccer team.

It was a bit controversial at the time cos he played for England and was part of their 1966 squad who won the World Cup.

He was born on May 8th (5/8=58=Freemason).
Jack Charlton=116

Coincidentally his first match was against Wales.
Take the zero out, it's 116 just like Jack Charlton.
That match was on March 26th which was 1 month 19 days after he took over (February 7th).

Ireland qualified for their first major tournament, (Euro '88).
Scotland actually did Ireland a favour in their final qualifying match against Bulgaria.
Bulgaria needed just a draw/tie at home to qualify but we're 86'd by a Gary Mackay goal in the 86th minute.
Gary Mackay=630

The rest is history, Ireland went to Germany for the Euros in '88.

Their first match in Euro '88 was funnily enough against Charlton's former team, England.
Ray Houghton gets the winning goal for Ireland after just 6 minutes.
Ray Houghton's bday from (Jan 9th) to the date of the match (Jun 12th) is 211 days.
Six minutes =153
In the bible there was a story about the 'miracle' catch of 153 fish. Well this was certainly a 'miracle' of its own.
Ireland had beaten the 'auld enemy' for the first time since 1949.

Charlton took Ireland to their first World Cup in 1990 in Italy.
They got through the group stages and played Romania in the last 16.
The match went to penalties.
Ireland won the shootout 5-4.
The only player to miss was Romania's Daniel Timofte.
Daniel Timofte =133
This is a hoax =133

Ireland went on to play hosts Italy in the Quarter Finals.
Toto Schillaci ends Ireland's World Cup with a goal in 38th minute
From his bday til the date of the match was... 93 days!!

Ireland also qualified for the 1994 World Cup in the USA but it took a late Alan McLoughlin goal against Northern Ireland to do it.
Again, Alan McLoughlin's bday was 211 days (see Ray Houghton above) before the match.

Ireland went out in the last 16 match against Holland.
Only scoring two goals in the whole tournament.

Charlton's last match in charge was against Holland on 13th December 1995. Ireland lost 2-0.
Charlton resigned on 21st December 1995, 227 (Pi) days after his bday.

Note: The 2nd foreign coach to take charge of Irish soccer team was Giovanni Trappatoni.
His bday is????
Take a guess...
Ah go on...

Its March 17th... St. Patrick's Day!!!

Ah now...