Tuesday, August 8, 2017

EPL Prediction...

Looking at The English Premier League which starts this weekend.

Going with my 131 theory, Arsenal are in their 131st season, which was pointed out to me by 
<Van der Meikle>.

Also, I've mentioned this before but, Petr Cech is in his 3rd season with Arsenal now.
When he got traded from Chelsea, after 333 games for them. He switched his number from 1, to 33.
He also just turned 33 years old.
Why? Why did he do that??
Maybe he's gonna win a title in 3 years.

Also, Cech's bday is 83 days (Football=83) before the start of Arsenals season on August 11th. They start on Friday, rest of league starts Saturday and Sunday. 

I'm going with Arsenal.


  1. Did you see the story about the arsenal owner coming under fire for hunting ?
    Fox hunting was in the news by PM May recently about bringing it back
    Arsenal Vs Leicester first game back on the Friday
    Hunter vs foxes aka Fox hunting narrative ? I don't know

    1. I just looked it up there.
      Very interesting alright.

  2. Very nice info, will be keeping an eye on them!

    1. The tournament ends on May 13 which happens to be the 133rd day of the year.

      PS. I think Petr Cech is 35 years old, but that's a small point

    2. Yes, he's 35 now but he was 33 when he signed the contract.
      He'll be almost 36 (1 week short) when season ends in 2018.

  3. This blog is very good,thank for sharing the link.


  4. From 01/01/18-05/13/18 is 132 days not including the final day. Arsenal will be 132 years old in 2018.

    Something to consider